VoucherZ negates the need to send your customers printed vouchers for rewards,
offers and promotions.
Join the digital revolution.

VoucherZ takes the pain out of sending customers rewards, offers and promotions

What We Do

Replace traditional printed Vouchers with new age digital ones. Simple in concept, absolutely killer in execution!

Reduce Costs

Do you wast money printing and posting vouchers that never get used?

Our tried and tested digital vouchers cost nothing to produce, and dispatch. Meaning you never waste a penny even when you create 1000's.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Ever had customers complain online, or win a competition and then have to wait for a voucher or come into your store and ask for the relevant person?

VoucherZ removes any ambiguity and gives your business complete control on all your VoucherZ.

Never again will you have to worry about which branch or who serves the customer.


Proper vouchers are difficult to track and audit, our solution ensures you are in full control of every voucher and it's use.

You will be able to see when and where your VoucherZ has been redeemed and report on which ones are the most effective for your business.

We’ve got hundreds of happy customers around the globe

Keeping your customers happy is the secret to success. VoucherZ makes it easy.

VoucherZ is the simplest way to deal with customer complaints by sending personalized promotions in real time to your customers.

  • On demand promos
  • Deliver great customer service
  • Simple to use

VoucherZ is just awesome. Each time one of my customers complains on Facebook or in my store, we send them a special offer right at that moment! It works every time!

Plus, now I can send a personalized offer or deal to any of my customers at any time. It’s so simple!

Jake - Chef and Proprietor

Iain Fenwick

Founder & CEO Citylicious

"Supporting hundreds of restaurants across the country is hard. VoucherZ makes it so easy to keep track of our competitions and promotions"